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    Complete Foundation Classical Guitar


    The complete foundation classical guitar course for beginners to intermediate players of the classical guitar. This bundle includes both the Foundation Classical Guitar Courses 1 and 2 which can a slo be purchased separately if you prefer

  • Foundation Classical Guitar 1


    On this course you will develop

    • Your knowledge of the guitar fretboard and layout
    • Your knowledge of basic music theory and how it relates to the guitar
    • How to read and understand simple music notation (an optional benefit of taking the course)
    • Correct picking hand technique and position
    • Correct fretting hand technique and position
    • How to avoid hand injuries and build relaxed endurance
    • Ligados or hammer-ons and pull-offs
    • How scales and chords are constructed
    • How to use scales and chords in your playing and why they are useful
    • Chord pivot points and how to use them to develop fluid and accurate chord changes
    • Bar chords and how to develop the fretting hand strength needed to play them
    • and more…
  • Foundation Classical Guitar 2


    On this course you will

    • Improve your knowledge of the guitar fretboard
    • Further your understanding of music theory and how it relates to the guitar
    • Learn the sharp and flat key signatures
    • Expand your scale knowledge
    • Learn the 3 primary minor key scales
    • Expand your harmonic knowledge with chord functions
    • Learn new rhythmic approach’s
    • Learn chord arpeggiation in a number of keys
    • Introduction to harmonics
    • Work on several study pieces
    • and more…