Foundation Classical Guitar 2


On this course you will

  • Improve your knowledge of the guitar fretboard
  • Further your understanding of music theory and how it relates to the guitar
  • Learn the sharp and flat key signatures
  • Expand your scale knowledge
  • Learn the 3 primary minor key scales
  • Expand your harmonic knowledge with chord functions
  • Learn new rhythmic approach’s
  • Learn chord arpeggiation in a number of keys
  • Introduction to harmonics
  • Work on several study pieces
  • and moreā€¦


The follow up to our Foundation Classical Guitar 1 course.

This course is for students who have already taken our Foundation 1 Classical Guitar Course or for players who feel they already have the skills and knowledge needed to make best use of this Foundation 2 course.

Included with the videos there is an accompanying printable PDF document with all the lesson materials in it, we recommend that you print this PDF out or at least have it easily available in some form whilst you are watching the video lessons. It will also prove very helpful if you have a a notebook or similar within which you can take notes as you watch, note taking is an excellent way to help with the retention of new ideas and concepts.