Foundation Classical Guitar 1


On this course you will develop

  • Your knowledge of the guitar fretboard and layout
  • Your knowledge of basic music theory and how it relates to the guitar
  • How to read and understand simple music notation (an optional benefit of taking the course)
  • Correct picking hand technique and position
  • Correct fretting hand technique and position
  • How to avoid hand injuries and build relaxed endurance
  • Ligados or hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • How scales and chords are constructed
  • How to use scales and chords in your playing and why they are useful
  • Chord pivot points and how to use them to develop fluid and accurate chord changes
  • Bar chords and how to develop the fretting hand strength needed to play them
  • and moreā€¦


A comprehensive beginners classical guitar course aimed at beginners and guitarists who want to explore classical, Spanish and Latin styles of guitar playing on the nylon strung guitar.

By taking this course and systematically putting into practice what you are learning as you progress through the lessons you will develop the kind of technique, strength and understanding needed for the eventual mastery of the classical guitar. But if you just want to gain a better understanding of the classical guitar and develop a solid technical foundation for accompanying yourself and others, or to develop better technique for soloing on the nylon strung guitar then this course is also for you!

Included with the videos there is an accompanying printable PDF document with all the lesson materials in it, we recommend that you print this PDF out or at least have it easily available in some form whilst you are watching the video lessons. It will also prove very helpful if you have a a notebook or similar within which you can take notes as you watch, note taking is an excellent way to help with the retention of new ideas and concepts.