2 Classical Guitar lessons on Zoom


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This is a block booking for 2 X 30 minute zoom lessons with one of our classical guitar tutors.

The first of the 2 lessons will typically be longer than 30 minutes (up to 1 hour at the tutors discretion).

Our tutors all use high quality equipment and fast internet for zoom lessons ensuring the best quality audio and visual connections.

You will need the following

  • your own nylon strung guitar
  • a laptop or desktop computer
  • a sound card and microphone, usb microphone or laptop built in microphone.
  • a zoom account
  • a fast internet connection via a home broadband connection preferably on ethernet rather than wifi for best connection and lowest latency.

Once you have booked your lessons you will receive an email with the contact information for your tutor and details regarding our private lessons terms and conditions.



* Payments for zoom lessons are NON-REFUNDABLE