We are making high quality instrumental and vocal tuition available for everyone

Counterpoint aims to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of instrumental and vocal tuition courses around, with an emphasis on the development of core technique and the fundamentals of musical theory.

We offer our courses at at the most competitive prices on the internet because we believe in the principle that music is for everyone.

Some of our core values and beliefs are that…

  1. Music education and the arts in general should be freely available for people of school age and easily accessed by people of all age groups beyond school age.
  2. Learning ‘how to learn’ should be a part of any curriculum and learning to how to play music is a fantastic way to encourage the development of this essential skill.
  3. Fundamental principles can be understood by beginners and therefore should be presented to students as early as possible in the learning process.
  4. The societal view of music as merely entertainment, a business or as an elite art form is changing and musical education needs to change along with this new view whilst maintaining the best practices and methods already developed.
  5. With the enormous volume of music tutorials on YouTube and the internet we see an increasing need for educational services that recognise how much knowledge is available for free by providing a ‘fundamentals’ based approach to teaching that gives students the tools they need to make sense of the free content available on line.

There are no limits to how many courses you can take and all online courses feature lifetime access within the limits of our terms and conditions. See below.

You will be automatically enrolled when you purchase any of our online courses.

We operate within the bounds of UK law which mandates a 14 day returns period, so if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with a course that you have purchased you will have 2 weeks within which to request a full refund. In the case of students who request a refund more than once we reserve the right to restrict their access to further purchases.

There are no technical requirements for enrolment on any of our courses. But we strongly advise students to be realistic as to their level of technical ability and theoretical knowledge when considering which course to enrol in,

Once you have enrolled in a course we will be available to assist you with any enquiries you may have regarding the course and our services.

All materials associated with our online courses will be available for download once access to a course has been purchased. In the case of live workshops or classes the details regarding materials and requirements specific to that class will detailed in the course description. Almost all online video based courses will include a PDF download which will be accessed from within the course.

All online courses are accessed by purchasing in advance after which immediate course access is given.

Secure credit card payments and PayPal are the only means by which to purchase our courses at this time. This includes advance payment for any live classes or workshops which must be paid for in full before attending the class.

Lifetime access to course contents once purchased will be given to all customers who have retained their purchase beyond the 14 day returns period. This does not include times of disruption to internet services outside of our control and/or rare occasions when we may need to perform some site wide maintenance or upgrades. We also retain the right to adjust and augment course content anytime as we see fit and may consult students during this process.

In the very rare event that we decide to discontinue any given online course we will provide all students who are enrolled on that course links to download all the course content, including video content and any supplementary materials included with the course.